Saturday, April 2, 2022

Hearing from Our Seniors

Near the end of each year, we invite all of our graduating students to write a letter, an "epistle," to our community and then read it on video. We've been playing these at our Friday night meetings a couple at a time. I wanted to share a couple of them with you so you can directly see the impact that your partnership is making on campus!

Jackson is one of the young men I've had the opportunity to mentor this year. He's been a great leader to his peers as well as to me. He loves God's word, as you can see by how steeped in it his message is.

Sion has been in both our Collin and UTD ministries. He has worked hard to grow in the Lord and is an inspiration to many others. Everyone knows Sion!

Alumni Testimony

Danni actually worked on staff with us for a year a few years back. She came from China not knowing the Lord, and it was through her friendship with a fellow student in FOCUS that she became a disciple of Jesus who in turn discipled others. Thank you for making stories like these possible! I couldn't be on campus working with these students if you weren't praying and paying. :)

Developing Our Pastoral Team

We are back in August and ramping up for the school year! We have an amazing pastoral staff, and an outstanding group of student leaders. At...