Friday, November 6, 2015


UT Arlington
I got to visit our new ministry at UTA last night, and you would have been so encouraged to be there with me! You would have seen 62 people (not counting me and my mom) worshipping God and living out Christian community on that campus. One of my favorite moments was seeing one guy who I'd never seen before go and introduce himself to a new girl and welcome her into the room. The DNA of our community is being passed on! I can't wait to see these students at Winter Camp.
Austin and April spoke, and the line that is still resonating in my mind is something that April said reflecting on the scene when Jesus was at Mary and Martha's house: "I have to become Mary to see Jesus again." Wow. It was so convicting to think about whether I was taking the time to just sit at Jesus' feet and look at Him. Honestly, the answer lately has been "no." So I'm taking the challenge to become Mary and see Jesus.

North Central Texas College (NCTC)
Yesterday our intern Aaron was telling me how much he loves working at NCTC, one of our newest plants. Here's something he shared with me:

Spending time at NCTC this semester has been really exciting. It's such a small campus that it's been easier to build some consistent relationships. People have been open to talking and sharing their ideas on God. We have a few guys and girls who are consistent in attending our core groups and have even taken part in helping us meet other students! Keep praying for NCTC and that we can grow in our vision for that campus.
Having spiritual discussions in the NCTC common areas. The question of the day was, "Is God relational?"

Hanging out with NCTC students.

My Washington Trip
I had the cool opportunity last weekend to speak at the Fall Camp for CCF, the ministry at Western Washington University that hosts the SICM conference every year. It was great getting to share God's beautiful invitation to repentance with a couple hundred students--the message that God's call to repentance means that no matter who we are or how much we've messed up, He isn't done with us yet! He has better things in store. 

I built my sermons around some points that Autumn Priestley shared at the end of her time in FOCUS: Get over yourself, Live in the light, and Go all in. You would have been so encouraged to watch these earnest students seeking God and living out His mission in a place where being a Christian isn't very popular.
Me with all the CCF students and staff last weekend!
Church and Campus Leadership Conference
I also had the privilege of leading our annual leadership conference for its 3rd year. The theme was around spiritual friendship. Our student leaders have been talking about things they learned ever since, and it has become one of our favorite days of the year. We asked the student leaders to invite students with leadership potential from their cores and we had well over 200 students show up!

Stay tuned this month for the roll out of our 2nd Annual Keep FOCUS Growing Initiative. We have some cool stories to tell, and I'm excited to see how God blesses that. Thanks for your gifts and your prayers and your friendship. God is moving, and you are a part of what He is doing on these campuses.

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