Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hello Summer!

As of Friday night, our FOCUS staff officially ended year 9 of our apprenticeship! We had 12 wonderful apprentices this year who were faithful ministers to their various campuses. Two of them have made 3+ year commitments to our staff team, five of them have made a commitment to stay at least 1 more year, and 5 of them are going out as ministers in the marketplace! In addition, we have 10 new apprentices planning to join the team on August 1 for year 10! Please say a prayer for their support raising season this summer.

I had the privilege of mentoring Drew Cleveland this year. He's a phenomenal young minister with huge potential. It's a bittersweet ending--he's staying on staff but transitioning (along with his wonderful wife Darby) to serve on our Denton staff team. UTD's loss is their gain!

Drew and me at SICM this year.
We also said goodbye to 4 of our senior staffers who are moving on to new opportunities. Brittany Tydlacka will be focusing her attention on motherhood and ministry within the Denton North Church. Aaron Hollingsworth is planning to engage his passion for art and creativity, starting his own interior design business. Sloan (Cannedy) Asfaw is going to serve in the women's ministry at the Northeast Church. Kelly Schlitz is off to law school at UT in Austin.

Each one has been an incredible blessing to this mission and will be missed. They've also all raised up multiple leaders to replace them during their time with FOCUS, so the mission will continue advancing!


The UTD group at May SICM. We're sending a couple more with the June crew!

SICM was once again a wonderful experience. We have so many bright young disciples who have caught the vision for reaching their peers on campus with the good news about Jesus! Right now we're in the middle of all the conversations recruiting student leaders for the fall. Please pray for us!

Student Testimony

Thanks for your gifts and service and prayers toward the end of reaching these campuses with the gospel. It's making a difference and does not go unnoticed!

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