Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your Winter Camp Report

You would have been blown away to get to worship with the 370 people who came to Winter Camp this year--up from 250 last year.  You would have heard great lessons about the Kingdom of God from Geoff Mumley, been led in worship by multiple worship teams made up of students from all of our campuses, and had a blast making new friends and growing deeper in your walk with the Lord.  But I think a few things would have stood out even beyond that:

1.  Diversity.  We prayed for diversity and God has answered.  We had people of every color and people from all over the world at camp.  But it's more than just that.  On the way home, our guest speaker Geoff was telling me about what he saw--"the coolest of the cool hanging out with people who would have been social outcasts anywhere else; extreme athletes playing games with the physically handicapped."  He called it "a little piece of the Kingdom."  And you are helping build it!

2.  Serious students.  Had you been at our optional class during free time on "Reading the Prophets," you would have had to find a seat amidst the hundreds of students who left their games to come learn how to be better students of the Bible.  All through the weekend, students had their journals and Bibles out, taking notes and drinking deeply from God's word.  One student remarked to me that the scheduled journaling time was the highlight of her weekend.

3.  Growing vision.  Students were catching the vision that God has given us--that every student needs a Jesus-follower as a friend, that every person ought to have someone offer to study the Bible with them, that every campus in the DFW Metroplex needs vibrant, creative fellowships of believers.  And they are starting to understand that realizing great visions will take great investments.  I heard a student say that he had already decided he wanted to be involved in campus ministry after college, but that now he realized that meant financially as well.

You would have been blown away.  I was.  Thanks for believing in me and supporting me in so many ways.  I'm humbled to be a little part of the BIG things God is doing.

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