Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Entertainment (2 ways)

So first off, in just a little less than a month, we have our annual Showcase fundraiser for SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry). We are doing both SICM and Showcase a little differently this year.

We are planning our own SICM at a camp at the end of the summer when, hopefully, everyone will have had the opportunity to be vaccinated. We will be inviting a huge group since we have last year's crew plus a new batch from this year. Details on location and price are still being worked out, but with such a large crew, we will be using the money from Showcase last year along with whatever we can raise this year to make this training happen. I'm so excited to get these students pumped up to go out on campus right before the school year begins! Our colleges and universities have already started signaling that they plan to be back to normal, more or less, come fall semester!

Showcase this year will be an online experience, which means those of you in other states can attend for the first time! In addition to music, we have a professional illusionist/mentalist performing. He's amazing! You can look him up and see how many famous people he has performed for over the years. It's going to be a different show for sure! I hope you can join us. You can make an optional donation to watch, or watch for free!

On the flip side of entertainment, Garrett Davis recently taught our spring Pizza Theology on "What Would Jesus Stream" about the theology of entertainment. As we all spend quite a few hours per week (or per day!) entertaining ourselves, I know you would find his balanced reflections on the topic challenging and helpful. Feel free to watch on Youtube! (You can also find the packet and just the audio here.)

Thank you for supporting campus missions. Your gifts and prayers and hard work make a difference!

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