Monday, December 2, 2019

New FOJ Study and it's Giving Tuesday - Let's Keep FOCUS Growing!

Giving Tuesday - Keep FOCUS Growing 

Today is the day! We have $36,000 in matching funds on
the table if you'd like to give a special gift. If you give on Facebook, they will cover all of the fees and we'll receive 100% of your gift, but feel free to give at or make a pledge for later. I'm so thankful for all the ways you guys partner with me in ministry, so don't feel any pressure!

New "FOCUS on Jesus" Study

This summer we completely overhauled our signature one-on-one Bible study to meet new needs and reflect what we've been learning in the 15 years since we originally wrote the study. The old FOJ has been and continues to be an amazing tool to make and mature disciples, but we realized that a growing number of students, even those raised in church, were completely unaware of the biblical story and how it should be shaping our lives. 

The new study, rather than going topic by topic, starts in Genesis with creation and moves through to the new creation at the end of Revelation. It still explores the same topics of faith and sin and discipleship and community, but it does so as they emerge in the narrative, with students reading larger chunks of scripture along the way. The feedback has been almost entirely positive, though we know we'll be debriefing and refining the study in the coming months and years. If you're interested in checking it out, you can find it by clicking on the new cover below:

Developing Our Pastoral Team

We are back in August and ramping up for the school year! We have an amazing pastoral staff, and an outstanding group of student leaders. At...